Ship Shape Storage & The Portsmouth Society

The Portsmouth Society are a local voluntary civic society concerned with ‘preserving the best of Portsmouth’s environment: buildings, streets, open spaces and seashore, and in encouraging well designed new buildings and amenities.’ I recently joined a few members in reviewing recent planning applications made to Portsmouth City Council. I too am interested in that preservation and also in the growth of the local economy, improvement in living standards, building and creating a more varied, interesting and stimulating environment for residents and visitors.

It was with some delight that we came upon an application which at first seemed a little strange and intriguing but turned out to be reason for excitement and anticipation.

This is the site that will potentially meet those arriving in Portsmouth via the M275/A3 at the northern end of Commercial Road. Personally I think its brilliant.

Its a self-storage site, complete with 15″ twin gun turret and communications tower. A great addition to the naval and maritime waterfront city. Unmissable. Two industrial units, use class B1/B8 (office & storage/warehousing)  with associated car parking – one of which is to mimic a ship. Of course it is.

Thanks to Dean, John, Robin and Terry for letting me join them. I hope to attend again and will report on some applications here.


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