Shared Lives

Details will be a little sparse here for the purposes of confidentiality. Day to day I work as a Shared Lives support worker. Shared Lives is a scheme run by local authorities around the country where someone is effectively licensed by their local council to care for vulnerable people in their own home. Portsmouth City Council place people to live with me, on a short or long term basis, and I support them with every aspect of their lives, keep them safe, encourage their independence, keep a roof over their head and generally be their friend, mentor and someone they can come to for support on a daily basis should they need it.

I work more specifically with service users with a history of mental health challenges including schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and depression. I find that I am directly able to influence someones life for the better and especially like the fact I am able to help someone make choices in their lives that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. I get to see, first hand the flourishing of someones spirit as a result of the work and effort both they and I put in.

This is a linked copy of a leaflet pertaining to the scheme local to Portsmouth. Portsmouth City Councils webpage for the local scheme is here

Portsmouth Shared Lives

I have been doing this work for many years and know that the continuity and close relationship provided by a Shared Lives placement is hugely beneficial to service users, we’re a modern, care in the community style family. There is an in-depth approval process, close monitoring by a dedicated social care/officer team, input from many different social and health care services and the whole scheme is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) the UK care services inspectorate.