Character Development

Character/Self development isn’t just about ‘learning new knowledge’! Neither is it some nebulous concept that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny nor is it new age mumbo jumbo or ‘just think positive’ mantra.

Fundamentally, your character is who you are, everything that makes up you – whether that be your beliefs, your habits, your skills, your knowledge, the way you make decisions and your emotional responses to people and situations, the collection of all your past decisions and the wisdom that gives you, all of this and more combine to create who you are. The beautiful thing is that you can influence this, over time and with effort in the same way you can learn about say, physics or the lives of bees. You can develop new habits, build new skills, become more creative, more decisive and more compassionate, wiser, more confident, live with more intention and have stronger boundaries, be more focused when needed or be more spontaneous when you choose to.

If you are to become more entrepreneurial then this is good news. You will need to develop various aspects of your character to do so and I hope to highlight those aspects to focus on and also create and provide various resources in these pages to help both you and I along our entrepreneurial journey.

Different people will be drawn to different styles of self development but I will be utilising a framework called MindOS (Mind Operating System), as conceptualised & developed by a psychiatrist from the United States called Dr Paul Dobransky. Dr Paul seems to have disappeared off the radar the last few years but I have a lot of experience with his work and value it highly. I would go so far as to say that it has had a massive, huge beneficial impact on my life, helped me to define my direction, know myself better, develop myself, helped build my own confidence and well-being and his work needs to be shared among more people and not lost. I will do my best to pass on the knowledge and experience I have of it here on this site and the related pages.*




*Some of Dr Paul’s work is copyrighted (diagrams) which I don’t mean to infringe on here and I urge you to seek him and his products out if they are still available and purchase them – they are a little expensive but the material is second to none. I am not gaining by way of selling any copys of his work here.


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