Business & Property Events 21st-28th Aug2017

This post originally appeared on Solent Startups.

Some great events around this week. First up this evening, Monday 21st is Portsmouth PPN Property meet at the Langstone Hotel, North Hayling – see here.

Then on Wednesday there is the Portsmouth Planning meeting at the council covering the new suggested Travel Lodge hotel at Stanhope road, a HMO in Baffins and a BMX track near Hilsea Lido.

JCI Southampton are holding a training event on Wednesday evening covering Time Management and then Action Coach have a Business Growth workshop Thursday morning.

Startup & Business Events 14-20th Aug 2017

This post originally appeared as an article on Solent Startups.

This coming week there are 3 free business events of note to inform you of. A marketing workshop, a networking event and a bid writing workshop.

The marketing workshop on Monday morning is being presented by the local Action Coach franchise at the Portsmouth Marriot at North Harbour. Details can be found here.

Next up we have a networking event being put on by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Portsmouth Business School at the Richmond Building late Monday afternoon, details can be found here.

Thirdly there is a bid writing workshop presented by the Solent Growth Hub and  hosted by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce at Wates House in Fareham on how to secure funding for your business. This takes place on Wednesday morning, details can be found here.

If you know of any business related events happening in South Hampshire over the next few weeks that are not shown in the Solent Events Calendar drop me a message or a tweet and I will include them for the benefit of the local startup business community.


Events Calendar Updates

The journey from dependence, to independence and on to interdependence involves firstly becoming self sufficient. I’m going to skip straight over that here and on to the interdependence part. We’re a social species and achieve so much more when we work together. When we’re in the flow it feels natural for us because it is natural for us.

Sometimes though people find it hard to get there through nervousness or feeling awkward. Calling it a stuffy sounding word like ‘networking’ doesn’t help. Learn what you are there to learn but half the beauty and benefit is from making connections. Just mingle, meet people, learn something along the way and talk about what you’re involved in. Dreams and wishes, creative ideas, current working arrangements and patterns, stumbling blocks and hurdles or one of my favorites, goals!

A great beauty of networking is stumbling across the unexpected boon. Its serendipity when it happens, a gift from the gods.

Each month I am checking on around 30 sites and organisations for Property, Business and Self Development related events to include in my local events calendar – I’ll refine it as I go. It can become quite a chore for people to constantly search for events useful to them so I’m doing the searching for South Hampshire and listing them all here on my site for anyone to browse through and find something useful. I’ll tweet each update and highlight any standouts.

Any suggestions then give me a poke.

Click here for the Calendar.