DSilvaSport was a trialed business experiment of mine. I’m a petrol head but never trained as a mechanic so working on my own cars was always tricky eventhough I wanted to. Haynes manuals were my goto resource but I found they were old fashioned. With the arrival of Youtube I believe there is a market for digital video repair ‘manuals’.

There are plenty of videos already on Youtube to help you repair your car – but its complete chaos. Car enthusiasts will pay for a quality, informative, easy to use product helping them work on, fix and upgrade their cars. The next problem was I was now neither a mechanic nor a videographer! But, I had a bit of cash and could strip cars, take them apart and sell the parts as my way in, my foot in the door.

I tried it. It worked. I built a WordPress website, sorted the e-commerce using a Woo-Commerce plugin and off I went. I had a workshop, bought a couple of cars, striped them and sold the parts. Then I got bored. It will still work, the market is there if you have good systems in place, my problem is I got bored repeating things and didn’t move on quick enough. I never got to making the videos but learnt a lot along the way.

Some motors and bikes of mine over the years.