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Business & Property Events 21st-28th Aug2017

This post originally appeared on Solent Startups.

Some great events around this week. First up this evening, Monday 21st is Portsmouth PPN Property meet at the Langstone Hotel, North Hayling – see here.

Then on Wednesday there is the Portsmouth Planning meeting at the council covering the new suggested Travel Lodge hotel at Stanhope road, a HMO in Baffins and a BMX track near Hilsea Lido.

JCI Southampton are holding a training event on Wednesday evening covering Time Management and then Action Coach have a Business Growth workshop Thursday morning.

Startup & Business Events 14-20th Aug 2017

This post originally appeared as an article on Solent Startups.

This coming week there are 3 free business events of note to inform you of. A marketing workshop, a networking event and a bid writing workshop.

The marketing workshop on Monday morning is being presented by the local Action Coach franchise at the Portsmouth Marriot at North Harbour. Details can be found here.

Next up we have a networking event being put on by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Portsmouth Business School at the Richmond Building late Monday afternoon, details can be found here.

Thirdly there is a bid writing workshop presented by the Solent Growth Hub and  hosted by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce at Wates House in Fareham on how to secure funding for your business. This takes place on Wednesday morning, details can be found here.

If you know of any business related events happening in South Hampshire over the next few weeks that are not shown in the Solent Events Calendar drop me a message or a tweet and I will include them for the benefit of the local startup business community.


Ship Shape Storage & The Portsmouth Society

The Portsmouth Society are a local voluntary civic society concerned with ‘preserving the best of Portsmouth’s environment: buildings, streets, open spaces and seashore, and in encouraging well designed new buildings and amenities.’ I recently joined a few members in reviewing recent planning applications made to Portsmouth City Council. I too am interested in that preservation and also in the growth of the local economy, improvement in living standards, building and creating a more varied, interesting and stimulating environment for residents and visitors.

It was with some delight that we came upon an application which at first seemed a little strange and intriguing but turned out to be reason for excitement and anticipation.

This is the site that will potentially meet those arriving in Portsmouth via the M275/A3 at the northern end of Commercial Road. Personally I think its brilliant.

Its a self-storage site, complete with 15″ twin gun turret and communications tower. A great addition to the naval and maritime waterfront city. Unmissable. Two industrial units, use class B1/B8 (office & storage/warehousing)  with associated car parking – one of which is to mimic a ship. Of course it is.

Thanks to Dean, John, Robin and Terry for letting me join them. I hope to attend again and will report on some applications here.


The MindOS Model & Psychological Growth

(This post has become a more detailed page on my site, continue reading here)

When a scientist wants to understand something about the world he builds a model. In engineering or architecture the practitioner builds a physical model that behaves in ways similar to the ‘real’ or full size example. In physics, the physicist builds a mathematical model combining the laws of nature discovered via the scientific method. The model of reality is then poked and prodded, subjected to tests and experiments, broken apart and added to. Depending on the type of model, the poking and prodding can be done via physical stresses as in the case of engineering or architecture, or mathematical and theoretical manipulations as in the case for physics.

The MindOS model put together by Dr Paul drawing on various strands of psychology is similar. It is a representation of the reality of the human mind – your and my psychology. A miniature copy. It can be broken down into its component parts relatively simply and used to understand ourselves and, the hope is, to ‘improve’ ourselves or to engage in what is termed ‘psychological growth’.

Psychological growth is adding to your spirit. If your spirit is everything that you are, then psychological growth is a maturing of your spirit, greater Life. The opposite, psychological decline, is regression and Death, immaturity, stagnation.

Psychological growth is greater intellect and more creativity, higher well-being and strength of identity, greater conscience and more intuition, setting goals and working towards them, more education and more experience. Greater confidence growing psychologically. Self control and ‘acting on purpose’ is psychological growth.

A mature and highly attuned sense of self awareness is essential if one is to engage in any psychological growth.

Each element of our character described above fits into the MindOS model in a simple, beautiful way that becomes elegant to the observer to the extent that it all seems perfectly obvious once understood and seen in clear diagrams. Elegance, simplicity and beauty are the hallmarks of amazing models. Relativity, and Einsteins Mass/Energy equivalence : E=mc², are examples in the world of physics.

MindOS describes each individual element of our psychology, our character, everything that we are and then combines all the parts into a coherent whole, a simple and elegant model that we each can use, everyday, to help with our psychological growth and making our way in the world as we go about our lives making decisions, learning, experiencing, feeling, sensing, associating and interacting with each other and the world itself.


Addendum – I need to add a quick something here. MindOS teaches how to grow and develop psychological ‘resources’ – Confidence, Well-Being, Intuition, Conscience, Logic & Creativity, how to build personal strength and to clarify ones preferences and develop and strengthen ones identity. As a corollary to this, negative and destructive aspects to ones character and identity are slowly removed as a consequence. Such things include depression, aggression, sadness, worry, complaining, anxiety, naivety, confusion or obsessiveness and amorality.

I am not currently aware of any sites from which a copy of the original MindOS publication can be legitimately purchased, I paid around £50 for my copy from Dr Paul some years back. I have recently seen it available for download on at least one site and I know that if Dr Paul were active online he would likely be attempting to have it removed as he would actively be protecting his work. I cannot in good conscience provide you with a link.

Events Calendar Updates

The journey from dependence, to independence and on to interdependence involves firstly becoming self sufficient. I’m going to skip straight over that here and on to the interdependence part. We’re a social species and achieve so much more when we work together. When we’re in the flow it feels natural for us because it is natural for us.

Sometimes though people find it hard to get there through nervousness or feeling awkward. Calling it a stuffy sounding word like ‘networking’ doesn’t help. Learn what you are there to learn but half the beauty and benefit is from making connections. Just mingle, meet people, learn something along the way and talk about what you’re involved in. Dreams and wishes, creative ideas, current working arrangements and patterns, stumbling blocks and hurdles or one of my favorites, goals!

A great beauty of networking is stumbling across the unexpected boon. Its serendipity when it happens, a gift from the gods.

Each month I am checking on around 30 sites and organisations for Property, Business and Self Development related events to include in my local events calendar – I’ll refine it as I go. It can become quite a chore for people to constantly search for events useful to them so I’m doing the searching for South Hampshire and listing them all here on my site for anyone to browse through and find something useful. I’ll tweet each update and highlight any standouts.

Any suggestions then give me a poke.

Click here for the Calendar.

Election candidate hustings at PDPLA

Monday evening Michelle and I attended the PDPLA (Portsmouth & District Private Landlords Association) hustings debate attended by some local candidates for the forthcoming General Election. They were in for a surprise. I was curious on how things would unfold given recent tax law changes.

Considering this was a grouping of Private Sector Landlords offering tenancies to customers in order to make a profit and provide a living and future pension, I found it particularly strange that the focus of the candidates introductory talks centred on the problem of homelessness in the city and how we really ought to all be solving that problem.

After some relative calm things started to get heated as individual landlords started to vent their frustrations at the hapless candidates. Among the party politics and jostling for position I could see how the individuals, whom had nothing whatsoever to do with the implementation of the (Section 24) new tax policy, lined up their retorts to the barbs being thrown at them.

In the end nothing was achieved as far as I could see. It was a wasted opportunity for the candidates to build some allies and commitment from voters and also for the landlords to lobby effectively and influence policy. A promise to talk with the Treasury department and the Chancellor was forthcoming from Flick Drummond, indeed she encouraged it and was confused as to why she hadn’t been contacted before by the association. She actively asked for what we would like her to do. Gerald Vernon-Jackson repeatedly referred to and highlighted government failures. Very unbecoming! Personally I am far more amenable to those who present a coherent constructive vision than someone constantly pointing out who is to blame, afterall, we have to blame someone don’t we.

Stephen Morgan (Lab), Flick Drummond (Con), Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Lib Dem), Ian McCulloch (Grn), Martin Silman (PDPLA Chair)

If the parties involved in this event had approached it constructively and proactively it could have worked so much better. I saw landlords losing their cool and rambling incoherently at politicians who didn’t understand the problem behind their frustrations (apart from possibly GVJ). Much better to present a coherent argument, understand each others position and work together constructively.

As my property business grows I hope to become more involved with the PDPLA; contribute more, gain more and network more. There are committed individuals involved, valuable resources available, great contacts and a huge wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon. It was driven home to me that in any business/cause/networking event where there are influential people going to be present – Be Prepared!